Born in Poland, photographer Magdalena Joanna Wittchen moved to England at the age of 15.  
A painter in training, she turned to the 8th art in order to experiment with another medium.   
  Streets fascinate the artist. ‘I am particularly drawn to the presence of women in urban areas,
after years of marginalisation, repression and division’ she says. 

By exploring the theme of women outdoors, in a nocturnal universe, Magdalena Joanna Wittchen presents powerful, fearless figures.
In the darkness, they reveal themselves under the light of the streetlights, wearing colourful clothes that fit their shapes. 
 Her images, taken in long exposures in poorly lit places, recall the chiaroscuro of Caravaggio's paintings.

A modern universe, in the image of the notion that the photographer wishes to defend.
 'I question socio-political structures, notions of religion, origin and gender' she confides.
In contemporary urban space, women are no longer just extras, but everyday actors.
Free, they can reveal their beauty as they wish, without fear nor hesitation. 

We live in a time of constant change!
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